Mantras & Thoughts
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Mantras & Thoughts

  1. We evolved to survive starvation, but not to resist abundance.
  2. Antifragile systems will benefit from random & short stress events, but will weaken enduring chronic stress.
  3. Outsourcing your existential weight is a waste; deal with it in-house.
  4. Master the hip thrust and the deadlift to fix that shitty posture from too much sitting.
  5. Reading a very good book twice is better than reading two books once.
  6. Front-load your pain.
  7. Self-discipline comes easy when you have strong beliefs.
  8. Addiction to comfort isn't worth the negative consequences coming down the road.
  9. Be open but not exploitable.
  10. Hard on the behavior, soft on the person.
  11. Overdoing technology hijacks the pleasure center in your brain.
  12. You can have autonomy over your time, location and task and yet be a prisoner of your mind.
  13. Working in Europe is like listening to a podcast at 0.5x.
  14. Great managers are those who don't actually manage. They lead.
  15. For the longest time humans had to protect themselves from other humans and other species. Today, you need to protect yourself from yourself.
  16. Live raw, wander often.
  17. Outward action and inner calm.
  18. Serious people are boring.
  19. Aristotle's Golden Mean.
  20. Lead by example.
  21. Failure + Perseverance = Success.
  22. Be willing to look like an idiot over the short term.
  23. Learn the newest skills and the oldest principles. Combine timely and timeless.
  24. Behavior vs. Intention.
  25. Asymmetric opportunities.
  26. Narrow focus vs. Expansive focus. Zero feet view vs. Bird view.
  27. Maximize Courage and minimize Fear.
  28. Hunger != Craving.